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Is your car not running reliably or has not had a Service recently?

There are many garages in Yeovil who can Service, repair and carry out class 4 MOT’s.

When leaving or booking your vehicle into a Yeovil Garage remember to get a quote or at least know what the hourly rate is. The hourly rate will vary; some garages may do repairs for a fixed price.


MOT Class info

MOT Classes (this is just a guide) MOT Classes,

Class 1 mot engine size up to 200 cc Bikes, class 2 mot Bigger engined BIkes,

Class 3 mot (up to 450 kg unladen weight) (3 wheeler)

Class 4 Mot The majority of Cars (up to 8 passenger seats) and Bigger 3 wheelers over 450kg,

Class 5 Mot (with more than 13 passenger seats),

Class 7 Mot Goods vehicles (over 3,000 kg up to 3,500 kg DGW)

How often do you check your lights on your car or van, you can easily check with a willing helper or use a wall or garage door. If you have lights on your car that are not working you could get a fixed penalty.

Regular servicing by a Yeovil Garage and don't forget to get an MOT by a Yeovil Garage




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